Words of Wisdom: BT

“My ultimate goal is to keep the emotional counterpoint and the integrity of the song intact, even when pushing the envelope with style and technique. The faster things get, the less people are willing to take in a body of creative work. How many people can stand in front of a painting and deeply take it in? There are so few things now that will engage us. The intent of consuming music is usually to have an awareness or a feeling, to have an truly, empathic connection to others. Whatever it is that you’re going through, music makes you feel less alone. You feel a primordial connection to people and the natural world. My hope is to create something that makes people feel that they have consumed something that completes a void. I want to create something lasting.”

BT (Brian Transeau)

Note: I’ll let BT’s music speak for itself, but what I will say is to take a listen to his music because it effortlessly embodies what he describes above, music as being something lasting and timeless, something where people can feel connected, really take a listen to the melody, really pay attention. It’s easy to move from one thing to the next in our fast paced world, but what I’ve found with BT’s music is that it slows you down and you find yourself curious, listening to his music, trying to figure out the notes in the melody, the story behind the song and finally, allows yourself to get wrapped up in the beauty of his musical masterpieces and feel connected, not only to the music, but to other people.

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