Hi there! My name is Avishka and I am a public relations and communications professional. I am also an avid reader, writer, photographer, hopeless romantic, music and dance lover and traveller, amongst other things.

This site is essentially my online portfolio which not only showcases my previous experiences and work in public relations but also provides insight into the kind of person I am. It started out as a blog where I’d share my thoughts, opinions, stories, music and photographs. Writing has been such a fantastic outlet for me, so much so that I have integrated my blog into this site. I’m excited to continue writing and watch this site evolve.

Life has taught me to live in the moment and soak up each and every moment of it. I’m constantly challenging myself and am not afraid to get out there and take chances. I have also learned that things happen when you least expect them to and it’s these things that often shape where we go and what we do.