Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to have launched this and can’t wait to share more as I go along. This will be a place for me to write for myself and also share my hopes, dreams, aspirations and experiences with my readers. Check out the “About” section for more.

It’s been a few years since I last used WordPress, so I’m still experimenting and playing around with the settings. You’ll notice that the tabs on the top bar have the same names as some of the categories which you’ll see on the right (I haven’t posted in a few so they aren’t up yet, will be soon). The tabs are there only to clarify what each category is for, as some of the names aren’t very straightforward, so check out the categories for the posts, such as these:

A Million Sounds– This is where you’ll find all music related posts. The page on the top bar explains what kind of music related posts I’ll be doing, but I will say definitely check it out. I’m lucky to have been exposed to such a diverse mix of music and I look forward to sharing it with whoever reads this.

A Thousand Smiles– Photographs take centre stage here, the majority of which will be my own. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I’m looking to delve into it further. You’ll find photos from everyday life and especially from my travels around the world.

Something worth noting: A Million Sounds, A Thousand Smiles is actually the name of a song by DJ Eco and the inspiration behind the aforementioned sections of this blog. I think it’s only fitting because day in and day out, we end up hearing a million sounds and seeing a thousand smiles. You’ll see DJ Eco’s name pop up again, most likely on my weekly roundup of music as I’m loving his tunes right now.

Around The World With Avi– Speaking of travels around the world, this is where you’ll be able to get some insight into my travels! I am lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, both on holiday and for volunteering. I’ve also joined the Youth Writers Program at Youth Challenge International, the organization I interned with in Tanzania, so you’ll find all posts related to my experience as a Youth Ambassador here.

Aspirations, Hopes & Dreams- This is my bucket list of things I’ve crossed off over the years and things I’d love to try in the years to come.

I’ll be writing about everything from life to music, films to books, even some inspirational quotes and articles which have caught my eye. As I go on, you might see new sections pop up.

You may wonder what this blog is all about and why I’ve started it. For those who know me well, you know that I love writing. The fact that I did my degree in English only speaks to that. I’ve kept a journal for as long as I can remember and I always like to have a pen and notepad on hand, in case I want to write something down, whether it be my thoughts, the name of a song, a place, a time. Eat, Drink and Take Chances is a lyric from a Dave Matthews Band song and I think speaks to what I think we all secretly want to and strive to do.

Anyways that’s my longwinded intro. Be sure to watch this space and stay tuned for some exciting posts on this blog!

xoxo Avishka

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