Avi’s Weekly Windup #2

This week, we’ve got a double dose of the Weekly Windup!

Weekly Windup #2 features songs from my June Playlist for the I Heart Hamilton Tour. With each Tour Playlist comes an even more interesting mix of music, as it’s meant to not only reflect songs we’ve been listening to as we’ve toured, but others that reflect our personal taste in music. This month’s Playlist features music from local acts including Robyn Dell’Unto, Bruce Peninsula and Dan Griffin and international musicians like tyDi and Morning Parade.

Check it out here: http://ihearthamilton.tumblr.com/post/26156448828/avis-playlist-june-2012

There are times where artists from my Weekly Windups and Tour Playlists will crossover, in this case, Robyn Dell’Unto and Morning Parade. More often than not, I’ll end up featuring the same artist, but a different song.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Weekly Windup #3…

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