New year, new (big girl) job

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written here! What can I say, the past month or so has been a whirlwind. Like seriously, a whirlwind.  I was offered a job at the Peel District School Board as a Communications Assistant; three weeks in and I’m really liking it! I left my job at Artisano and miss the gang there! My last shift was on Christmas Eve and soon after, I was getting ready to leave for Cuba the next day! My family and I were there for a week, had an absolute blast for so many reasons updates to come on that. A few days after getting back from Cuba, I started my first ever, as my former co-worker Lynn referred to it, “big girl” job at the PDSB.

It’s already been three weeks and I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of everything in my role. That’s what I’m loving about this position- the chance to do a bit of everything in PR. From updating the board website, to posting some good news stories, writing news releases and other materials, prepping critical paths (takes me back to Special Events in Corp Comms!) and emailing contacts for quotes and sitting on committees for two upcoming events and generally supporting the Communications team,  it is certainly the ideal job for someone like me fresh out of postgrad studies. Everyone’s been really friendly and helpful, especially giving me some valuable insight into the PDSB’s communications.

In the short period of time that I’ve been at the Peel board, I’ve really gained a sense of the tremendous amount of work done for schools, students and the wider community, whether it be promoting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which is part of the PDSB’s Vision for 21st Century Learning and Technology, celebrating the diverse community through the recognition of a number of holy days, holding events like the upcoming Parent Literacy Conference that provides the opportunity for parents to gain insight on educating their child and Education Week, dedicated to recognizing individuals who have made a significant contribution at their schools and in their community.

The Peel District School Board’s mission is “We inspire success, confidence and hope in each student.” I’m certainly feeling inspired here by the board’s work and look forward to learning much more! It’s been awesome to be working education and as I said, get a true sense of what PDSB is working towards for its students, schools and the wider community.

The other thing I’ve found myself thinking about more and more is the fact that at this job, I am taken seriously, my opinions and views count and I am regarded as someone who has valuable insight. While I am grateful for each and every customer service experience I have had, it’s nice to be treated like I am making a valuable contribution towards the PDSB, respected for my skills and knowledge and be apply to apply my experiences in the field 🙂 It’s easy for people to look at 20-somethings like myself, working part-time jobs while job searching in an effort to support ourselves, not realizing just how hard we’re working. It can be discouraging and at times, it’s really gotten to me, how customers have treated me, not realizing the skills and knowledge I have, along with the hopes and dreams. But let me stop there, as that’s another discussion altogether.

My colleagues are, how should I put it, a crazy, unconventional bunch. Unconventional, according to my supervisor Carla, but in the best of ways. They’re a fun group and some have a sense of authority, yet also treat us Comms Assistants like equals because really, we’re a team and each of us are there to support one another, whether it be with something comms related or getting coffee haha 😛

What can I say, it’s great to have a full-time job and to be able to work in the field- so grateful for this opportunity and for all the things ahead on this journey, working in the real world!


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