A Thousand Smiles

It’s amazing what we’re able to see through the lens, sometimes things and moments we wouldn’t be able to otherwise capture amidst the kaleidoscope of colours in this world. Photographs are powerful, isn’t there that saying that a picture speaks a thousand words?

I’ve always had an interest in photography. From a young age, I loved being in front of and behind the camera. From family holidays to birthday parties with friends, there was always a film camera around with an extra roll of film handy. My mum used to have this really cool Nikon film camera and I loved slinging it around my neck, feeling all professional, clicking a picture and moving the dial to the next frame, dropping off the roll to be developed, waiting in anticipation and finally, being able to see all 24 photos from the roll of film. My dad had an interest in photography and had a knack for being able to capture the stillness of people, places and nature. Back in the day when camcorders were in, he’d bring his along on family vacations, documenting mine and my brother’s childhood and family occasions.

Nowadays, people are constantly sharing photographs thanks to smartphones and the use of social media sharing sites, like Facebook and Twitter. I wonder sometimes though if we get so caught up in the moment that we become snappy happy and get lost in trying to document what’s going on rather than experiencing it, so much so that it loses its meaning and quality, both literally and metaphorically. I am in no way questioning the impact, if anything, it’s interesting to look at how communication has evolved and I am part of a generation that has become so connected, and also going into a field and profession where social media plays a huge role in getting word out. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that the photos featured here will be ones that haven’t been taken in haste, rather, ones I have taken the time to frame and capture and take it all in.

Many of the photos that will be posted on here have been taken with an Olympus Pen EPL-1, a digital DSLR that I got back in 2010. My brother came upon it and thought it’d be a great way to delve further into photography without committing to a DSLR. I highly recommend this camera. Easy to use, fun settings, small enough to fit into your purse (funny enough this camera was marketed towards women, understandable since a camera that size is appealing!) and a number of interchangeable lens to choose from. There’ll also be some older ones I’ve scanned (for lack of a digital copy) and a few with my new Sony Cybershot point and shoot. I’ll also link & repost pictures that I come across and share albums from friends, including some talented photographers.

A Thousand Smiles to me represents the smiles captured in a photograph, the smiles you can find in someone’s eyes, and the smiles and joy you can find in a place, a time, a moment.

Note: All photos © Avishka Juta unless otherwise stated. Please do not take, use and repost without permission.

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