Avi’s Weekly Windup #6

Things have been coming at me left, right and centre this week. A day with the famjam here, a job interview there (had one TODAY, a few hours ago!), throw in some volunteering, tutoring and summer fun and BAM. And with just over THREE weeks until I’m back at school (POSTGRAD wooohoooo), I’m in the process of getting excited/anxious/freaking out a bit/excited again, getting things ready for my move, organizing things here at home and everything else in my life.

Never fear, music has been there to keep me going, to calm me down, to accompany my bursts of joy and dancing around the house and just reassure me that everything is going to be okay. So this week’s Weekly Windup is a link to my May “I Heart Hamilton Tour” Playlist, as I’ve found myself listening to these songs throughout the week: http://ihearthamilton.tumblr.com/post/24145442574/avis-playlist-may-2012

It’s one of my favourite Tour Playlists actually, each song on there matches a different moment and situation, from when I first heard/discovered the song, to when I’ve found myself listening to it. Faves from this Playlist include KONGOS’ “Escape” (love, love, LOVED this song from first listen and am sure you will too), Paper Aeroplanes’ “Safe Hands” (Sarah Howells’ voice is exquisite and this band is simply lovely) and New Hands’ “Tulips” (this Hamilton band is making quite an impression on the Hamilton music scene and I know both Kristin & I are excited to follow New Hands’ musical journey).

Next week’s Weekly Windup is sure to be epic so stay tuned for that as well as upcoming blog posts (so many ideas in my head) about my time in Tanzania, reflecting on where I am now, photos (of course!), some interesting articles I’ve read, vids I’ve seen etc, all that fun stuff.

Oh and just putting this out there, I just might (probably, definitely maybe, aka on Wednesday) end up doing a double dose of the WW again, so keep an eye out next week for not one, but TWO sets of delightful tunes 😉

Enjoy and happy weekend!

xoxo Avi

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