Busy like a bee

I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually written here. There’s been so much going on lately and I promise to whoever is reading this that there are blog entries on the way. This alludes to what I’d said before, about ideas floating around in my head, wanting to get them down on paper, in words, somehow.

I’m in the process of figuring out my life right now, from getting a part-time job (woooo JOB!!) as a guest services rep i.e. a barista/cashier (slightly terrified about the barista part) to getting my schedule (my reaction was a combination of wooo and ahhh), the excitement and anxiety that accompanies going back to school (just two weeks away), especially since I’ve been out of school, like proper school, for two years now, to getting ready to move away from home, something I’ve done before here and something I have prepared for around this time of year for my overseas adventures in South Africa and Tanzania, to figuring out friendships, as some of them are awry and lastly, spending time with the people I care about and I think importantly taking time out of all of this for myself, for me to step back and process what’s going on and then dive back into it all.

For those who are keeping up with the blog, this will be one of three entries posted today. Actually, there may be another, but I might post that over the weekend. Probably. The next two entries are going to be more personal, in that they’re going to be about someone in my family who I lost six years ago and who I am thinking about today, remembering what an amazing father, person, human being, role model amidst many other things, who I miss very much, but am thinking about the good times and using this blog as a way to celebrate him: my dad.

Stay tuned.


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