Rainy Summer Days

Apart from my latest fascination with clouds in the sky, I have also taken to running outside in the rain with my camera a few times, resulting in me getting soaked, but capturing some wonderful moments as the rain fell around me and coming back in my house with a huge smile on my face.

And there’s nothing like summer rain. I remember when I was younger, must’ve been around 10 years old, I’d gone to South Africa with my family to visit my grandparents and cousins in Durban. When I was in primary & high school, my family and I would normally visit our SA fam in December because my brother and I were on holiday from school. One of the perks of going to South Africa in December is the fact that it’s summer there! Nothing like escaping the beginning of winter 😛

We were staying at my grandparents’ house and one afternoon, it began to rain. Soon, it was POURING rain, like a monsoon or the closest thing I can imagine to a monsoon. I remember my mum commenting on how the rain would be warm and she told us stories of when she was younger, how she and her friends would run outside when it was raining and stand there, enjoying the warm rain falling down around them. Naturally, I found myself running outside on my grandparents’ drive way, where I opened my arms and looked up to the sky as raindrops fell. It was magical. It was probably my first time feeling warm rain instead of cold and I vividly remember doing my own little rain dance, jumping in puddles, running around in circles, in awe of the amount of rain that was falling! One thing I want to experience one day is an Indian monsoon, in India. How cool would that be??

I love the sound of rain. It’s calm and soothing. There’s actually a website called Rainymood that plays, what else, the sound of rain. I’ve gone on there a few times when it hasn’t been raining and when I’ve found myself in the mood to hear rain. Even just watching the rain fall and spotting the beauty in a single raindrop, on the tip of a leaf, a flower petal, on a ledge. Watching the rain splash on the surface and create ripples, almost like echoes of that drop, or watching rain run down the window, creating streaks of water, almost painting something wonderful.

One song I love listening to when it’s raining is tyDi’s “Ariana“, a simple, beautiful, melodic song. Listening to music as it’s raining is something, whether it’s a bit of jazz, chilled out electronic music or sweet acoustic sounds.

Anyways here are a few snapshots from my ventures in the rain.

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