Being Thankful

Being thankful is a value which my parents taught my brother and I at a young age and something which is very much a part of the person who I am today. The volunteering I’ve done overseas has only amplified this feeling of gratitude, not only for the opportunities I have had to travel overseas, but also the encounters I have had with the locals, many of whom barely have the basic necessities of life and struggle every day, yet are so joyful.

Mind you, there are a few times where I’ve caught myself feeling like it’s the end of the world or at a point where I feel so frustrated that things aren’t going my way and then realize, things could be worse. It happens to all of us, we’re only human. But honestly, it’s the small encounters you have that really help to put things into perspective and realize that really, things aren’t all that bad.

I am grateful for so many things, including food, water, a roof over my head and for the luxuries in life that we so easily take for granted, for all the amazing people in my life, family and friends, who I am lucky to have met and who have been there for me through the good and bad times, for the obstacles and challenges which have made me a stronger person, for education and knowledge, for the many opportunities I’ve had to travel overseas and for all the beautiful things in this world that allow us to stop for a moment and just take it in and realize just how lucky we are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you’re all having a fab long weekend 🙂

xoxo Avi

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