And it’s here!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, but I’m back! Over the last while, I’ve been revamping this blog, figuring out the layout, content and design. While I’m still making a few tweaks here and there, I am proud to present my personal site and online portfolio! Not wanting to lose the blog component altogether, I have instead integrated it into this site, so readers can peruse my portfolio as well as take a read at what I’m up to these days.  What can I say, I love writing.

A huge thank you to my boyfriend Sean for his insight and my new logo, which is simple yet striking and really, more streamlined to my professional profile, all while embodying my personality, as can be seen in the dandelion…look a bit closer and you’ll see what it reflects my personality. Any guesses?? Feel free to comment below!

As someone who is currently seeking employment, internship and volunteer opportunities within the field of public relations, this site is meant to showcase my past projects, written pieces, my creativity through photography and video, and really speak to why I want to work in PR.

I look forward to showcasing my past projects and experiences on this site, all while providing some background on my blog, Eat, Drink and Take Chances. This blog name has stayed with me over the years, as has the message of not being afraid to get out there, live life and go after what you want.


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