A few quick notes…

Hey everyone! For those who have been reading this blog, or have just stumbled upon it by chance, I wanted to note a few things:

1. Please don’t be afraid to comment! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, critiques (within reason i.e. not bashing the content to a pulp etc). One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my thoughts and to have a conversation with people reading it. So please, feel free to comment, even if you hate it or love it, if something irks you or brings a smile to your face. To comment, just go to the bottom of the post, click on “Leave a reply”, enter in your details and voila! There are also three icons for WordPress, Twitter and Facebook so you can leave a comment from those accounts if you’ve got one. There’s also a star button to “Like” a post. Oh and the icons above that are for sharing, so if you love it or hate it and want to tell someone, then  the best thing to do is SHARE IT 😉

2. I’m not sure people are aware of the links I’ve included within the posts themselves. Any words you see that are turquoise and underlined are links. Clicking on these will take you to other blog posts (some of which are my own), to other websites and in the case of my Weekly Windups (<–that’s a link right there), to songs so you can listen to on YouTube or a musician/band’s website (hence the “Listen” included after the song title). Note that these are links I have chosen, not spam links or popups.

Just as the blog is about sharing my thoughts and rambles and all that jazz, the Weekly Windups are about sharing some fab music from my personal music collection, music which I encourage you all to take a listen to. I try my best to include a mix of genres as well as occasionally feature local musicians (not to take away from my Tour Playlists, rather, crossover) and international musicians I’ve discovered during my travels and even now still. At some point, I want to try doing a Weekly Windup featuring music that you, my readers have suggested and submitted with your own writeup of why you like the song. That might sound presumptuous, and I honestly haven’t got a clue how many people actually keep up with this blog, but I think it’d be a neat thing to try.

Anyways just thought I’d put that out there. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.

xoxo A

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