Avi’s Weekly Windup #4: Special Edition- The Playlist 1.0

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With The Playlist 1.0 just one week away, this is a special edition of the Weekly Windup, featuring the dream team aka the four diverse musical acts who will be showcasing their musical talents at The Playlist 1.0, as well as a band whose bassist, John Smith, will be DJing throughout the night. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, I highly suggest you pick them up! Featuring a stellar lineup and all for a great cause, this show is NOT to be missed and each of these bands draws a huge crowd, so combined it’s going to be INSANE. There’ll be a bit of a hip hop, some rock, dance beats and the show will go right ’til the dawn with some country/folk.

Note: Oh, I’m trying something different with the song links. If you want to listen to the songs, click directly on the song title.

Canadian Winter feat. Tarek Funk- “Get The Show On The Road
This hip hop group are gonna tear it up and have everyone in the groove when they rock the stage at The Playlist 1.0. Canadian Winter has managed to create a hip hop sound entirely their own, with songs incorporating elements of old school hip hop, jazz (I like my jazz) and African beats, and I was hooked on their tunes after seeing them perform back in February (check out my writeup of their show here). Both Kristin and I agree that this is the unofficial theme song for The Playlist 1.0, and dare I say unofficial anthem for the Tour. Featuring saxophonist Tarek Funk, sweet rhymes from Kobi and percussive beats from Kojo, this is one of my JAMS. We also had the chance to be part of the music video for this song as extras! Filmed entirely in Hamilton, Canadian Winter have captured the essence of getting the show on the road.

New Hands– “This I’ve Heard
What can I say about these guys that hasn’t already been said? They’re our new BFFs at the Tour and such a fresh, promising band that are taking the Hamilton music scene by storm. Admittedly, the name “One Direction” popped in my head upon seeing them (five young, cute guys in a band, though no resemblance in sound however), but the music these guys have produced is definitely something. They’ve got a rock sound interspersed with synths that will have you dancing in no time. This track is a standout, with a driving drumline, solid bassline, a great electric guitar hook and of course, those sweet synths. Spence’s voice always takes me by surprise and one that suits bands’ tracks well. This band is also so much fun, as can be seen at our Rendezvous (interview) with them.

Dinner Belles– “‘Til The Dawn
This band certainly knows how to put on a show! Kristin was raving about their music so naturally I had to take a listen. While I’m not normally into country/folk, Dinner Belles do it in a way that’s fun, fresh and appealing. After seeing them live a few months ago, Kristin and I were blown away and, judging by how we’d enjoyed the show and also how entertained the audience was, knew this supergroup were going to be a hit at The Playlist 1.0. Thinking about everyone singing along to this song and even just listening to this song brings a smile to my face. Stick around for these guys, as I’m certain that they’ll end up playing right ’til the dawn.

The Ascot Royals– “Think You’re Better
It’d been a long while since my friends and I had seen The Ascot Royals perform and since then, the band’s sound has grown, changed, yet they still embody what makes their music so awesome and danceable. Last time they performed, everyone was either dancing away or tapping their feet along to the beat. This track is a fun and dynamic one, from the intricate, infectious guitar line, to a driving drum beat that keeps the song going and wonderful vocals from Jimmy (featuring some signature “ohs”, all of which will have you dancing and rocking out in no time. I can’t wait to see these guys again.

Young Rival– “The Ocean
Although Young Rival will not be playing at the fundraiser, bassist John will be DJing and the band of course has to get a mention because they’re pretty rad! I remember their Casbah show quite well, Kristin and I were on a mission to meet these guys and one by one had a chance to chat with each band member and talk about all things Hamilton. This song followed me to Mexico and I remember times I’d be sitting on the beach, listening to this song and looking out at the water. Quite fitting, no??

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so be sure to comment below, don’t be shy! If you’re unsure how to, check this post.

July 28th. This Ain’t Hollywood. Hamilton. BE THERE.


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